There are some tractor parts that NOBODY makes anymore !!

Pay Attention!!!     There's a remedy for that!! Retired Tractors has joined forces with Davenport Tractor to offer rare & hard to find parts and tools. Some of the items are being EXCLUSIVELY produced especially for Davenport Tractor.
    They have been submitting some of their newest and most unusual products to us for review. The items we have reviewed so far are:

Special Edition Parts Catalogs and Operator's Manuals
Model B Service Manuals
Original Bolts and Fasteners
Washers and spacers for mounting sheet metal parts
New Spring for Seat Support
Oversized Clutch Pin replacement kit
Replacement Headlight Retainer Ring & Seal
Original Gas Caps
Fuel Gauge Gas Cap
Two Wire" Hose Clamps
Points for Delco Distributors
Trip Rope Release
Clutch Head Bolt Driver
New Mufflers
New Pulley Brake Lining
Delco Distributor Caps
Delco Distributor Points

   You can see ALL of the products that are presently available by visiting The Davenport Tractor web site. Davenport Tractor is the place to get Antique John Deere Parts.

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