The pulley brake Hey Meli...
   I need the lining that goes on the part of the hand clutch apparatus that stops the pulley from turning. It's wearing GROOVES in the pulley. What do you call this mechanism, anyway? I need part number 27 in this picture.
   That gizmo is called, appropriately, the "pulley brake". It's supposed to stop the pulley from "coasting" when you want to shift gears. Unfortunately, many people use it to STOP the tractor from moving. That is not a good idea even when the lining is NEW. You are supposed to stop the tractor with the FOOT brakes!

The clutch brake lining    A pulley brake lining looks like this. You can get a brand new one from Davenport Tractor. The old ones used to be riveted directly on to the pulley brake (Part number 25). That's ONE of the reasons the lining wasn't changed very often. The new ones have their own backing with four tabs that you bend around the brake. It fits all of the tractors that have the hand clutch, and it only takes a MINUTE to install it!

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