Headlight Retainer Ring & Seal

I'll be your instructor Hi everybody,
    Have you decided to finally tackle the restoration of the headlights on your tractor? Did you take them apart and find that the rubber seal (the T-molding) under the retaining ring looks like THIS? Or worse yet, is it GONE?

    Is the retaining ring all rusted and bent even worse than THIS one?

   Did you go on the internet and get a price on a brand new pair of headlights? Did you decide you can do WITHOUT headlights before you'd pay THAT much for them? Don't despair! You can get a brand NEW ring and rubber seal kit from Davenport Tractor!

   So... If your lens isn't broken, and your reflector and socket are still functional, you can sand and repaint the headlight "body" later. Here's how the rest of it goes together:  

    The lens fits into the inner slot of the rubber T-molding. At the bottom of the lens there might be an "indentation". This is where you orient the seam in the rubber, to allow moisture to escape.

    This view is from the back. See how the reflector will then nest in neatly behind the lens. It actually fits INSIDE the rubber.
    Then this assembly fits right into the body of the headlight, oriented with the seam in the rubber at the bottom, once again, to allow any moisture to escape.

I'll be your instructor    Then the outer ring holds the whole thing together with the set screw at the bottom. If I sanded and painted the body shell, you'd swear I bought a NEW headlight, so I left it the way it WAS!
    You can have yourself a little winter "project" that will look GREAT on your tractor. Find out how to get the kits right HERE!

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