The Clutch Linkage

I'll be your instructor Hi everybody,
    Are you fed up with all the "play" and "slop" in your clutch linkage?? As you may have noticed, the holes in the linkage are worn oversize, and the pins are worn undersize. I'm talking about the two pins marked "12" in this illustration.

    What if you could buy some oversize pins and then ream the holes in the linkage to fit them?
   You CAN!! They are available from Davenport Tractor!

    You'll get a set of two .045" oversize pins that replace John Deere part number D1994R or part number B178R. The D1994R will fit the BIGGER tractors like: A, AO, AR, G, R, 50, 60, 70, 520, 530, 620, 630, 720, 730, 80, 820, 830, the W power unit, and some of the Model D's. The B178R will fit the smaller tractors like the B, BI, BO, BR, and the H. Check your parts catalog, because even the John Deere "Master Parts Index" has some of the same tractors listed under BOTH parts. Better yet, measure your old pin. If it is about 7/16" in diameter, you need the B178R. If it is greater than 1/2" in diameter, you need the D1994R.
    This is another little winter "project" that will improve the functioning of the clutch on your tractor. Click HERE for a short cut.

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