My radiator hoses have these kind of clamps on them and I am told that they are NOT original equipment.

Wormscrew clamps    Wormscrew clamps

Hose Clamps Never mind clicking on me... Pay Attention!!!     That's right, those are modern "worm screw" hose clamps. They probably work BETTER than the "two wire" hose clamps that came with the tractor, and that's why they are the only type you can find nowadays. But is that what you WANT?? NoooOOOoooo... You want the kind that were made when the tractor was new! And guess what?? You can get original type clamps from Davenport Tractor!!
    They come in various different sizes. Most tractors need at least two different sizes for the radiator hoses, as you can see in the illustration below, (Parts number 6 and number 37). Take a look at the selection at Davenport Tractor.

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