How come the early two cylinder tractors don't have a fuel gauge?

Fuel Gauge Cap Never mind clicking on me... Pay Attention!!!     I guess, at the time, the John Deere Company thought it was just an unnecessary "frill" and didn't bother with the added expense. However, you can get a new, accurate, inexpensive fuel cap level gauge designed specifically for John Deere Models A, B, G, D tractors. This is the same gauge that was offered as an option by John Deere in the 1950's as John Deere Part No. AA4858R . It never became "standard equipment" on the two-cylinder tractors. You can get one from Davenport Tractor.
    It's simple in design and it features a plunger-type indicator that is easy read from the tractor seat. The new fuel gauge is the answer to taking the "guess out of gassing." The plunger, extending through the fuel cap, connects to a float arm inside the tank, and gives actual "fuel-proof" measurement at all times. The gauge is easy to install and has complete instructions covering adjustments of the float arm for various depth tanks.
Fuel Gauge Cap Fuel Gauge Cap
    Okay, SEE how it works?? The picture on the left shows how the float would sit when the fuel tank is empty. The picture on the right shows where the float would be when the tank is full. What YOU would see from the driver's seat is the little gauge that sticks out of the cap. Do you know what this would REALLY be good for?? When you are in a parade or on a cross country "tractor wagon train", this gauge will prevent the embarrassment of running out of gas because you forgot to check your fuel level before you started out

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