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Dear Meli,
     I am still using my Model B for farm chores, I'd like to find a new muffler for a reasonable price.

Hi ya...
     You can get brand NEW mufflers like these at Davenport Tractor. No, they are not EXACTLY the same as the "original equipment" mufflers available from John Deere, but they work just as well. The BEST part is, they cost a whole lot LESS!! I use one of these mufflers MYSELF on my gardening tractor.
     These mufflers look just like the ones that used to be available from "Central Tractor". That company was very helpful in keeping old tractors running without costing an arm and a leg.
     Now... If you are restoring your Model B and you DO want a muffler like the original one, Davenport Tractor can help you with THAT, too. It will cost a bit more than the muffler shown above, but it will look just like the one that came with the tractor when it was new. When you get to the Davenport Tractor site, just dig a little deeper and you'll find the muffler like the one shown on the left. Or.... Take a short cut right to the High Quality Muffler Page.

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