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              The Putt Putt Girl
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A collection of John Deere tractors from the 1930's and 1940"s
Picture of Gene      Yep, this is me! I've had this little hobby farm in western Massachusetts for over 34 years. I grow some asparagus here and keep some ducks and geese, but the main reason for having the farm is an excuse to own antique tractors! In case you wondered why this whole page is done up in green and yellow, it's because my tractors are John Deeres; all Model B's, from 1935 to 1952. I have begun to collect information about them; and also, information about John Deere in general. I even have a John Deere Model H tractor now, and I LOVE it!
     I have quite a few other hobbies and interests. I'd be pleased to talk about any one of them. Astronomy, Model railroading, Antique tools, Victrolas, Music, Playing guitar, harmonica and violin, Antique farm implements, Gardening, Old coins, a trip to Poland, The Polish language, Rainbows,  Robert Frost, Computers, Photography, and Antique machinery.
     I have a page where you can send anyone, anywhere, a postcard from right here on the farm. I also have a page of links to the websites of other tractor and engine collectors. There is now a Want ad page, and a list of books about tractor collecting, with instructions on where you buy them right online if you want to.
    I work for Michael Humphries Woodworking.

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Picture of Nine John Deere B Tractors
I can count nine John Deere Model B Tractors,
I guess that's all I could start up that day!

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And here is a little bit of country philosophy
from our New England Poet.
My favorite poem Mending Wall And Other Poems by Robert Frost
Click here and see if you can find my John Deeres in the pictures!

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