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Important:  If you arrived here "trapped" within somebody else's frame, please click this line to break free. Otherwise the cards may not work. Hi, I'm Meli and I'm here to show you the cards from Gene's farm

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The Big Wheel

It's WINTER on the farm!
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     These are not just Christmas cards! You can use them all winter long if you pick music like "Winter Wonderland, or "Let It Snow". You'll see the picture full size if you select "Preview postcard" below, and you'll hear the music too, if you have chosen a title.

Lacey Icy Winter day Snow on JD Stormy day
Lacey Icey Winter day Snow on JD Winterstorm
Hang on! The Field Let's rest Stormy day
Hold on tight! The Field Can we rest? Stormy day
Too late Walk with Meli Snow on Rake Left out
Too late! Walk with me? Snow on the Rake Uh oh!
Ready for skating A major icicle! Winter Wonderland Time to head home
Skating anyone? Major Icicle! A Path Heading Home
Snowed in Orion Winter Wonderland Slow down now
Snowed in! Orion Winter
Some cards from the farm during the other seasons:
Harrowing Asparagus Plowing Bathtime!
Harrowing Asparagus Plowing Bathtime
Mowing Scarecrows Buttercups Hayrake
Mowing Scarecrows Buttercups Hayrake
Cornstalks Stone wall John Deere A walk
Cornstalks Stone wall John Deere A walk

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