Model Railroading

You would have to call me an "armchair" model railroader. I had a train layout when I was a kid; American Flyer. You KNOW what I'm going to say next! "I sure wish I had kept it!" But when I went away to college, none of my brothers were interested, so it got sold. I even let my subscription to Model Railroader magazine lapse. And I had it since 1959! After I finished school and settled down I bought some HO stuff (Old Time trains), resubscribed to MR, and built some kits.
I'd set up a small portable layout under the christmas tree, for the kids. But, as you know if you came here to see the tractors, the little toys have to move over to make room for the BIG toys! But I still get the magazine, and reading it makes me feel like I am still participating in the hobby; even if it's just in the "armchair" capacity.

"The Best Model Train & Model Railroading Resources Online" can be found right HERE...
Another page of Model Railroad links sent in by the Laramie Public Library.

Now the portable layout is back, (in a simplified form) for my grandson! I still claim that someday I'll build a permanent layout, but don't hold your breath waiting to be the first to see it!

If you know about model railroading I don't have to tell you about Model Railroader magazine. If you'd like to know more about it, please visit their website at:

It is the best hobby magazine I have seen for ANY of the hobbies I have ever had!

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