Antique Woodworking Tools

GET THE BOOK HERE!!!      When I first started collecting antique tools, I bought this book. It was written by Eric Sloane and first published in 1964. There are no photographs in it; it is a sketchbook of Mr. Sloane's own collection, which is now housed at the Sloane-Stanley Museum in Kent Connecticut.
     My copy is a hardcover that I bought in 1968 or 1969. Back then, it was the ONLY book on antique tools that was available. Surprisingly, it is still in print, at least in paperback form. That is a testament to what a good reference it STILL is! It still comes in handy to me now and then, especially to show someone a GOOD example of a particular tool. Some of the ones that I have are a might "worn"!
    You can get a copy of the book right here!

The Autograph     When Mr. Sloane would autograph a book, he would use a felt-tip pen to sketch something on the flyleaf of the book as he would be speaking to you. This is what he drew in mine.

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