Hi, I'm Meli.  I'll show you around!

     Hi, I'm Meli..... I have been on the staff here at the web site for quite some time now. The music you are listening to is not real sound that has been recorded. It is synthesized music that is being played by the synthesizer that is built into YOUR computer.

    If you want to look for CDs of any REAL music your heart desires, go to the "Music Section" of the Bookstore!! You'll find a few selections in MY little section of the store, too!!

     If you have any requests for "theme songs" to go with the current season, please email me, and I'll see what I can find. Or... if you HAVE a nice midi file that would be appropriate to the season, by all means... SEND it!! You'll find my email address RIGHT HERE.

G clefs don't really twirl like this!This piano plays itself!

I'm Meli, your hostess. Click on me and I'll show you around!    If you'd like to hear more of the synthesized music on this site, here are some pages you can go to and LISTEN to. I have made up a whole page of information about our favorite patriotic music, and you can see it RIGHT HERE. You'll find a whole section on Polish music HERE. And if you like IRISH music, go HERE. You'll find some "Oldies" Love songs with the lyrics, and a midi to match at MELI'S JUKEBOX. You can hear some Christmas music HERE.
    And if you want to find readable tablature - or guitar tabs, for short - so you can play the tunes on your six-string, visit an authoritative online resource.

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