Christmas Music

Dashing through the snow.....     I don't know if you ever noticed it, but every now and then someone writes a "winter song" that makes NO mention of Christmas. It immediately becomes "adopted" by the Christmas season and promptly disappears by New Year's Day.
    The best known example is "Jingle Bells"!! Sleigh bells used to be used all winter long. Sing the song to yourself and listen to the words. See.... No mention of Christmas!!
    So.... Listed here are a few other "Winter Songs". If our computers are compatible and you click on the titles, you should be able to hear them.

Let It Snow
Winter Wonderland
Frosty the Snowman
Jingle Bells

    Now... the reason I mention all of this, is that even AFTER Christmas, if you still want to send someone a "Winter Postcard" from the farm, you can still accompany it with winter music. If you haven't seen the postcard page, you can get to it right HERE.

Click here for
MORE Christmas music!!

    AND... If you'd like to hear KOLĘDY (Polish carols), then just click HERE. You'll "break out" of this frame and be sent to my KOLĘDY page.
    ALSO... You can see what Robert Frost had to say about sleighbells and snowy evenings, right HERE.