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Gene's picture    Hi, I'm Gene. Welcome to my little collection of illustrated poems. Robert Frost is my favorite poet. Why? Because he is the essence of New England! By the time I had gotten around to reading many of his poems, I had already seen exactly what he was describing in them. That's what made them so vivid to me! And, of course his descriptions are much more eloquent than mine. But he wrote exactly what I WISH I could have written!
    Frost's poems have been published in many places and many are already online. No one can improve upon the poems, so what I have done is illustrated them with original photography. The photos accompanying the poems are my own. Most of them were taken on and around my own land, and in my own town in western Massachusetts. The notable exceptions are the ones on the poem page for "Mending Wall" and "The Road Not Taken". Click on them to see where they came from. If you click on the title of each poem, first you will see some comments. Some are mine, and some are by others, Click the title under the first picture and you will see the entire text of the poem, along with a couple more original photos, and maybe some appropriate music. See how many of my John Deere tractors you can spot! The downloading is slow, so I hope you will be patient. I think you'll find that it is worth the wait. (for the poems, I mean!)

Photography by Gene T.

So, here are the poems. Click on the picture to see the first one.

    Some of the following poems have comments, written by myself and by others. But my philosophy can be summed up as follows:

"A poem should
not mean, but be."

Archibald MacLeish

My favorite poem is
Mending Wall
By Robert Frost

Picture of Stone Wall

Other Poems by Robert Frost

Picture of a Tuft of Flowers in a Field
The Tuft of Flowers
Picture of Trees
The Sound of Trees
Picture of Birch trees
Picture of a Woodpile
The Woodpile
Picture of a Road
The Road Not Taken
Picture of Leaves
Gathering Leaves
Picture of a onemule open sleigh
Stopping By Woods
On a Snowy Evening

A Patch of Snow
A Patch of Old Snow
The Night Sky
On Looking up
by Chance at
The Constellations

Click HERE to see the following poems:

Acquainted With the Night
After Apple Picking
The Bonfire
Fire and Ice
The Grindstone
Hyla Brook
In a Disused Graveyard
The Last Mowing
Nothing Gold Can Stay
Out, Out--

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