Miodusia is Polish for Meli

I'm Miodusia, click me!      This Polish carol is "Przybieżli Do Betlejem", "Hastening to Bethlehem". The first verse has the shepherds rushing to Bethlehem and playing the harp!! The Chorus is "Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth", but this time it's in Polish instead of Latin. The melody should be playing right now. If it isn't, or if you want to hear it again, click Here.

Here are the words, in Polish:

Przybieżli Do Betlejem pasterze,
Grając skotcznie dzieciąteczku na lirze.

Chorus (twice): Chwała na wysokości,
Chwała na wysokości, A pokój na ziemi.

Oddawaly swe ukłony w pokorze,
Tobie z serca ochotnego, O Boże!

Chorus (twice).....

Anioł Pański sam ogłosił te dziwy,
Których oni nie słyszeli jak żywi.

Chorus (twice).....

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     If you see strange symbols instead of some of the "special" Polish letters, I might not be able to help you see them. But, if you want to try; take a look HERE.

"Przybieżli Do Betlejem"