A Polish Christmas

I'm Miodusia, click me!     If you took the trouble to look at this page you either enjoy "KOLĘDY" (carols) as much as I do, or you want to know a little bit more about them. The word kolędy should have an accent mark under the E, like the cedilla under the c in "Français", but pointed the other way. That mark makes the letter nasal, as if there was an N after it. The Polish O is pronounced like our short O in the word "for". The Polish Y is pronounced like our Y in rhythm. So, Kolędy is pronounced "ko LEN dy"
    The carol that is playing here is "W¶ród Nocnej Ciszy" That means (loosely) "In the Still of the NIGHT". Although there is a perfectly good Polish translation of "Silent Night", "W¶ród Nocnej Ciszy" predates that carol, and is more likely to be heard on a Polish Christmas eve!
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Here are the best known kolędy.
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Ach Ubogi Żłobie
Anioł Pasterzom Mówił
Bóg Się Rodzi
Do Szopy, Hej Pasterze
Dzisiaj w Betlejem
Gdy Się Chrystus Rodzi
Gdy ¦liczna Panna
Jesus Malusieńki
Lulajże Jezuniu
Hej w Dzień Narodzenia
Mędrcy ¦wiata
Pasterze Mili
PójdĽmy Wszyscy
Przybieżeli do Betlejem
Triumfy Króla Niebieskiego
W¶ród Nocnej Ciszy
W Żłobie Leży

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