The John Deere Model GP

The John Deere Model GP
     The Model GP was John Deere's first "rowcrop" tractor. It's easy to tell it from a Model D because it has a "frame" in the front. On the Model D the front axle is attached directly to the engine block. This Model GP is shown with the "standard" front wheel configuration. This type was made from 1928 to 1935. Early on, only a very FEW GP's were made with the "tricycle" configuration.

The John Deere GP WIDE TRACK
     By 1929, in order to compete with the new Farmall tractors (which were introduced in 1926), John Deere began to develop more versions of the GP that had a "tricycle" configuration. This one is called the GP Wide Track.

The John Deere GP Overhead steer
     The final "tricycle" variation of the GP, introduced in 1932, had "overhead steering". If you think this tractor is beginning to look a lot like the Model A, you would be RIGHT. That was the whole IDEA!

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