The John Deere Model D

John Deere Model D      The Model D was the first MASS PRODUCED tractor with the John Deere name on it. It was introduced in late 1923 as a 1924 Model and was made until 1953.
    At first glance the Model D looks similar to the Model GP, but the D is larger and it has the front axle attached directly to the engine block. The GP is smaller and it has a "frame" around the engine. The D only had the spoked flywheel during its first year. After that the flywheel was solid. The unstyled Model D was at first available only with steel wheels. Later on rubber tires were an "extra cost option".

     Once the Model D was "styled" its identification became unmistakable. There is NO other John Deere tractor that looks like it. Styled Model D's usually have rubber tires, but they were available with steel wheels if you wanted them.

The John Deere Model D, photo by Bruce Meyer
This Model D was shown in Maryland.

     The Model D was only available with the "standard" front wheel configuration. Find out what "Standard" means, HERE.
The unstyled Model D could be found with three different stack configurations over its lifetime:
The John Deere unstyled Model D 30400 to 53387

The John Deere early styled Model D 53388 to 109943

The John Deere unstyled Model D 109944 to 143799
with Steel Wheels

The John Deere unstyled Model D 109944 to 143799
with Rubber Tires

The Styled Model D is unmistakable The John Deere Styled Model D 143800 on...
with Rubber Tires

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