The John Deere Model A

     The John Deere Model A was introduced as John Deere's first "row crop" tractor in 1934. Learn how to tell an unstyled Model A from a Model B or a Model G by looking HERE.

The John Deere Unstyled A
    The unstyled Model A can have spoked wheels, steel wheels or cast iron wheels, so never try to determine what model a tractor is by what kind of wheels it has.

The John Deere Model A
     The Model A was "styled" in 1938 and revised in 1947. Learn how to tell a styled Model A from the Model B, Model G, and Model H by looking HERE. The above tractor is an early styled A (1939 to 1946). It happens to have the "long hood" all the way back to the steering post. The hood extension encloses the battery for the optional starting and lighting equipment.

The John Deere A
     Above is an example of a "late styled" Model A. Notice the pressed steel front end support.

    The "Rowcrop" Model A can sometimes be found with different front end configurations just like THESE on the Model B. It can also be found as a "Standard", a "Hi-Crop" and as an "Orchard" model.
The "rowcrop" Model A had three basic configurations over its lifetime:
The John Deere unstyled Model A Unstyled
1934 to 1938

The John Deere early styled Model A Early Styled
1939 to 1947

The John Deere late styled Model A Late Styled
1948 to 1952

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