The Hi-Crop Tractor

The John Deere Model A Hi-Crop tractor, Photo by Gene
     In the "Hi-Crop" configuration, the tractor has a wide front end which is adjustable for width. But not only THAT, the "knees" on the front end are longer and the rear end may have an "offset" drive (See below). That way the entire tractor sits higher above the ground. The "Hi-Crop Model A", pictured above, is one of the first examples.
    The tractors that were available as true "Hi-Crops" were the A, 60, 620, 630, G, 70, 720, 730, 40, 420, and 430.

The John Deere A Hi-Crop, Photo by Gene      Try to do THIS with an ordinary "wide front" tractor!! Hi-Crop tractors were designed for working with taller crops, specialty crops and "bedded" crops. Tomatoes would be a good example. As the plants matured, you could cultivate or spray a lot later into the season. Despite this advantage, Hi-Crop tractors are quite rare.

An Early John Deere Model 420 Hi-Crop tractor, Photo by GeneA later John Deere 420 Hi-Crop tractor, Photo by Bruce Meyer
    Here are a couple of examples of Hi-Crop tractors made in the Dubuque factory. These are BOTH 420's. The early 420's that were built before the introduction of the rest of the "20" series were painted ALL GREEN.

The John Deere 420 Hi-Crop, Photo by Gene
    In this rear view of the 420, the "offset"rear axle is very apparent. Notice that the axle does not go straight through to the hubs of the wheels.

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