The John Deere Model 430

The John Deere 430
     This Model 430W belongs to Bruce Meyer in Virginia.

     The 430 replaced the Model 420. The styling was changed; still green AND yellow, but without the horizontal green bar on the side of the hood. You can see the "inline" vertical engine, and you will not see a flywheel and belt pulley on the side as you see on the other two-cylinder tractors. The other prominent feature for quick identification is the battery cover behind the engine and below the hood. Like the Model M, the 40 and the 420, the 430 was available with a fixed width front end "Standard" and "Utility models". Find out more about the "Standard", HERE. The 430T could come as a "rowcrop" tractor in "tricycle" configuration with either one or two front wheels, or it could come with an adjustable width wide front end, including a high version, called a "Hi-Crop". Look HERE for other examples. The 430C was the crawler version of the 430.

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