The John Deere Model M

The John Deere Model M tractor
     The Model M has an "inline" engine with vertical cylinders, like an automobile. You will not see the flywheel and belt pulley on the side as you see on the other two-cylinder tractors. The other prominent feature for quick identification is the battery cover behind the engine and below the hood.

This John Deere Model MT tractor belongs to Doug Foreback
     The Model M also has a variation called the Model MT. The "T" stands for "tricycle". You can also find this tractor with one front wheel instead of two. I know it sounds silly, but the MT is also available with an adjustable WIDE front as opposed to the "Standard" fixed width wide front found on the regular Model M. Find out what "Standard" means, HERE. See some examples of the "rowcrop" front wheel configurations similar to what would be found on the MT, HERE. There was also a crawler version of the Model M.

     The Model M was succeeded by the Model 40, which is essentially the same tractor, but the louvers in the grill are vertical instead of horizontal.

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