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              The Putt Putt Girl
Nothing runs like a Deere,

              Meli to the rescue!
  or smells like a john.

Picture of John Deere Tractor with Mower
The John Deere Model B and the Number 5 Mower,
A combination that is still practical even today!

Sound wave files take a long time to download, so if
you want to hear the two-cylinder sound, be patient!
To download them, just click on the descriptions.

1935 Model B, working, with no muffler.
1935 Model B, with no muffler, idling.
1935 Model B, with no muffler, working until it stalls.
1946 Model B, with a muffler, idling.
1946 Model B, with a muffler, working.

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