Polish Folk Costumes

I'm Miodusia, click me!        Hi, I'm Miodusia! The dress I am wearing is the Kujawski costume. Why do so many Polish words end in "ski"??? Well, I'll tell you: The "ski" ending on a word makes it an adjective. It means "of", or "from" someplace or something. The Kujawski costume is from the Kujawy region. Another example: The word "kowal" means "blacksmith". "Kowalski", therefore, means "of the smiths", or in other words, it's the Polish surname, "Smith"!
    Anyway, the Kujawski costume may not be quite as distinctive as the Łowicki costume, but Kujawy is an important historic region of central Poland, close to Gniezno, the first capital of the old Polish state. Kujawy is usually associated with the slow, stately regional dance and melody called Kujawiak.
    The number that is playing right now is, appropriately, "Kujawiak". If you click on my picture you will see the other folk costume.

Here are a few of my other favorites:

Pytala Sie Pani
Góralu czy ci nie żal
Szła Dzieweczka do Laseczka
Płynie Wisła
Czyja to Dziewczyna

     If you see strange symbols instead of some of the "special" Polish letters, I might not be able to help you see them. But, if you want to try; take a look HERE.

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