Built-In Cabinets

  Gene built and installed some of the built-in cabinets in the rest of the house.

Built-in Closet Built-in Bookcase
  Gene fabricated and installed the built-ins in the master closet (left). This is in the new section of the house. Notice how the contractor has matched the old door casings you saw in the dining room. On the right is a built-in bookcase being installed. Those are the adjustable shelves all piled at the bottom.

Built-in Bookcase Built-in Laundry Room
  On the left is another of Gene's bookcases. This one is in the "breakfast room". The contractor will surround it with door casing to complete the "built-in" look. On the right is the upstairs laundry room. Gene installed the cabinets in this room even though someone else built them.

  Gene built one of the kitchen cabinets and he also built and installed three built-in pantry units..

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