The Kitchen Cabinets

  Gene built some of the cabinets and worked on the installation in this home in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Below is the kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen Cabinets

  Gene was assigned to build the upper cabinet in the left picture. This one is not just a "box" like the rest of them. It doesn't quite "fit the mold".

YOU can have cabinets like this TOO

   The cabinet construction is "beaded face frame" with inset doors mounted on brass butt hinges. You can see a detail of how the face frame pieces go together (above). The difficulty with this cabinet is that the bead has to follow the face of the curved shelves and still miter into the rest of the frame. The crown molding above the cabinet was another "project". It had to be shaped of solid wood rather than the usual 45 degree constuction of the molding above the rest of the cabinets.
YOU can have cabinets like this TOO

  Gene also built and installed three built-in pantry units, the walk-in closet units, and some of the built-in bookcases. He also installed the laundry room cabinets.

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