I need new "cleats" or "lugs" for the landside wheel on my John Deere steel-wheeled trailer plow. Does anybody make them?

Steel wheel with worn out lugs     You are talking about are THESE.... Right?

Steel wheel with NO lugs!!!    In many cases the lugs are so worn out that they no longer provide much traction. In some cases, they are GONE, as you see on the left. The "new owner" of this plow didn't even KNOW that there were supposed to be lugs on this wheel and he couldn't figure out why the plow would never lift up properly at the end of the furrow.

Worn out lug     Yep Meli... Those are the ONES!! Here is a picture of one of MINE. The ones I have are so worn out, I'm not even sure what the new ones are supposed to LOOK like!!

An old lug, and a NEW one   This is what they would have to look like. I have one right HERE. I just placed a new one right next to a worn out one that is still on the wheel.

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