I noticed something - on plows that have rubber tires, one side has a "tractor tread" on it and one side DOESN'T. On plows with steel wheels, one wheel has "cleats" and one DOESN'T. Why is that? Why would a plow need "traction"? The plow is pulled by a TRACTOR.
Notice that there are two DIFFERENT kinds of tires on this plow

Pay Attention!!!     Imagine pushing a reel-type, ground driven lawn mower on ICE! The blades would never turn because the wheels would slip on the ice. You need traction for the GROUND to turn the wheels. The same is true with a plow. The "land" wheel is the one that drives the lift, and that's why it needs traction. That's the wheel that rides on the unplowed ground, and in many cases it is going to run on fresh grass that can be as slippery as GREASE.

    Okay Meli... I know where to buy tires, but where would I get cleats to replace the worn out ones on the steel wheels?

   I don't know if anybody sells them, but it wouldn't be too hard to have some made...

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