The John Deere Model G

The John Deere Unstyled G, photo by Bruce Meyer
See the "bulge" in the frame?

     The John Deere Model G was introduced as John Deere's biggest "row crop" tractor in 1938. The "bulge" in the frame is very apparant in this picture. This was done because the engine in the G is too large to fit into the same width frame as the other tractors. This is a "tell tale" sign of the Model G and it's successors, the 70, 720 and 730. Learn OTHER ways to tell an unstyled Model G from a Model A or a Model B by looking HERE.

The John Deere  G, photo by Bruce Meyer
This Model G was shown at the Ohio Expo.

     The Model G was "styled" in 1942 and at that point was designated the model GM. The GM still had the "pan seat" like the earlier G. After the war, the Model designation reverted back to "G". The tractor was revised again in 1947 and the final version looked like the photo above. Learn how to tell a styled Model G from a Model A, Model B, or Model H by looking HERE.

    The Model G was never available with a "fixed width" or "standard" front end, but it can sometimes be found with different front end configurations OTHER than the tricycle. Take a look HERE for some examples of the same treatments found on the Model B. The G could also appear as a "Hi-Crop".
The Model G had three basic configurations over its lifetime:
The John Deere unstyled Model G Unstyled
1938 to 1941

The John Deere early styled Model G Early Styled (GM)
1942 to 1947

The John Deere late styled Model G Late Styled
1948 to 1952

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