The John Deere Model 320

The John Deere 320, Photo by Bruce Meyer, shown in Maryland      The 320 is a slightly smaller, slightly less expensive version of the Model 420. It used the same engine as the earlier Model M. The styling is the same as the 420 - the color scheme is green AND yellow.

The John Deere 320, Photo by Joseph Pietrowski      You can see the "inline" engine with vertical cylinders, and you will not see a flywheel and belt pulley on the side as you see on the other two-cylinder tractors. The other prominent feature for quick identification is the battery cover behind the engine and below the hood. Unlike the Model M, the Model 40 and the Model 420, most 320's came with a "fixed width" front end. It was available in "Standard" and "Utility" models; there was no tricycle version. However, a few "southern specials" were built, using factory installed "420" wheel equipment. These rare tractors have an adjustable wide front and adjustable rear wheels.

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