Trailer Plows

The No.52 Plow
     Here's Charlie pulling a No.52 trailer plow in the sand. It's a good way to clean the rust off of the plow bottoms!
     Hmmmmm... at least I THINK he is using the No.52, although we also had a 4B plow there that day. From a distance, the 4B looks the same as the No.52 but all of the parts are of HEAVIER construction.
No.52 Plow
     Here's Alden trying his luck at plowing. That's my 1940 Model B he's driving, and I can tell that's my No.52. See the crooked wheel??
No.51 Plow
     Here's Stuart with his beautiful unstyled Model B and his own nicely restored No.51 plow.

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