Trailer Plows

The No.52 Plow
     The most common plows that were contemporary to the Model B era were the two bottom trailer plows. These could be used with ANY brand of tractor, and ANY brand of plow could be used with the Model B.
     The John Deere No.52 with optional rubber-tired spoked wheels is shown here.
No.52 Plow
     This is another illustration of the No.52 plow. This one has the standard steel wheels. The No.52 came in three sizes: with two 12" bottoms, two 14" bottoms, or two 16" bottoms. The best way to tell which one you have is to measure the distance between the main beams.
plowing      Here's how a trailer plow works: When you get to the end of the row you pull the rope that is attached to the lift mechanism that is built into the hub of the wheel that rides on the unplowed land. As long as you are still MOVING, one half turn of that wheel will lift the plow out of the ground. After you turn around, you pull the rope again and the plow bottoms drop into the ground. If you pull the trip rope too long, you will do a FULL cycle and if you are not looking over your shoulder you will go down the row with the plow UP, or WORSE, you will make your turn with the plow DOWN!! How do you suppose I KNOW about this??
No.51 Plow

     This is the No.51 plow - the little brother of the No.52. It only has ONE bottom, usually 16" wide, but it could also be ordered with a 14" or 18" bottom. An unstyled Model B or a Model H would be more comfortable pulling this plow. The No.51 was also available with rubber tires.

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