The Mounted Plow

The B3 Plow

     This is an illustration of the B3 plow mounted on a Model B tractor with the rear wheel of the tractor removed. It is a two way plow, completely mounted on the tractor and controlled by the hydraulic system of the tractor. The main beams are attached to the front of the tractor. When the plow hits an immovable object, (and it WILL!) the front end of the tractor tends to be pulled downward.
B3 Plow

     This plow was also called the A3 Plow if mounted on a Model A and the G3 Plow if mounted on a Model G. I believe that if the plow was sold to be adapted to the Model GP, it was called simply the No.3 Plow.

     On the B3 plow, if both plows are connected to and lifted by the rock shaft, how do you lift one and leave the other one down??

     You have to look at it the OTHER way around! Yes, every time you lift, you are going to lift BOTH of them, BUT.... each one has its own latch. When you want to plow, you unlatch the one you want to use by pushing back the handle. Then you go ahead and plow. When you come to the end of the furrow and activate the lift, they will BOTH lift up. The one that is still latched just won't have as far to go!! Then you turn around and unlatch the other one, and plow the other way.

B3 Plow

     This illustration from the Parts Catalog shows the main beam and the various mounting hardware. There were different plates, brackets and straps for mounting the plow on the different tractors.

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