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Meli's Polish Store

Hi!    In this section of the store my name is Miodusia!

    This is a collection of some of the things that sells that will help you with the study of POLAND: The country, the language, and the music.
    Due to this association with, you can buy these books and CDs right from this page! If you want more information about each item, just click on the title or the picture. If you decide you want to buy the item, will handle the sale for you.
    If you don't see anything you like listed here, please use the "search box" over on the left side of the page to find ANYTHING that sells about ANY subject!

Here's some of what I've managed to find for you to get you started:

cover          Poland
by James A. Michener

   Gene bought this one the INSTANT it first came out. Michener really researches his novels WELL.
cover          The Polish Way : A Thousand-Year History of the Poles and Their Culture by Adam Zamoyski

This is an excellent history of Poland for those who are just beginning to study it.

cover          Europe : A History
by Norman Davies

This one covers ALL of Europe, but Zbyszek, my Warsaw correspondent, says "The history of Poland has never been presented in the English language so fairly, without prejudice and stupid mistakes. You would not believe how terrible ignorance about the history of Poland is displayed in some would-be reputed West European books. Davies, a specialist on Poland, supplies many details on it."
         God's Playground
by Norman Davies

It's Norman Davies again!! The title is "tongue-in-cheek", but the information is the BEST!! This is an UNPARALLELED history of Poland! There are two volumes, both listed separately.
cover          Heart of Europe :
A Short History of Poland
by Norman Davies

Another one by Norman Davies. This one is a bit shorter and covers Poland ONLY. You NEED to read this!!
cover          Push Not the River, by James Conroyd Martin

   "Push Not the River" is based on the real diary of a Polish countess who lived through the rise and fall of the Third of May Constitution. The Polish translation just went straight to the bestseller list in Poland, # 5. There it's called "Nie ponaglaj rzeki".
cover          Polish Customs, Traditions and Folklore by Sophie Hodorowicz Knab, Mary Anne Knab (Illustrator)

cover          Teach Yourself Polish Complete Course by Nigel Gotteri, Joanna Gray (Contributor)

This course takes a conversational approach, and explains cases and conjugations as they come up.

cover          McKay's English-Polish Polish-English Dictionary by J. Stanislawski

   Gene has this one. Gene's MOTHER even has THIS one!!
cover          Polish Village Music 1927-1933 Various Artists - International - Europe - Eastern

    This is the REAL stuff!! Click on this one to see the song titles!!
Remember the neat things that Babcia used to cook?? YOU can do it too!!! Check these OUT!!!
Laknacemu wszystko smaczne!!
cover          The Art of Polish Cooking by Alina Zeranska, Janina Domanska (Illustrator)

cover          Polish Cooking by Marianna Olszewska Heberle

    Smacznego means
"Bon Appetite"
cover          Polish Cookery by Marja Ochorowicz-Monatowa, Monatowa Marja Ochorowicz, Jean Karsavina (Editor), Maria Ochorowicz-Monatowa

cover          Old Warsaw Cookbook by Rysia, Irena Lorentowicz

cover          Old Polish Traditions in the Kitchen and at the Table (Hippocrene International Cookbook Series) by Maria Lemnis, Henryk Vitry, Davidovic Mladen


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