The Cultivator

Cultivating Asparagus

     The first illustration on the previous page, and the one above, show the John Deere AA-280 Series Two-row Tractor-mounted Cultivator. The main beams are round, and it has spring-trip shanks. The second illustration on the previous page shows a B212 Quik-tatch cultivator, with square beams. It also has spring-trips on it, but there are shovels mounted on them.
    On the following pages you will see a few shots of a cultivator mounted on a 1950 John Deere Model B tractor. My cultivator is like the second one. It has square main beams but it happens to have spring-tooth shanks. It is also of the "Quick-tach" configuration. Here is a partial illustration of one like mine, showing the spring-tooth shanks. It is the B200 series. The number following the "2" depends on the type of shanks, and how many of them. I believe that the combination that I have, makes it a B214. Anybody agree?


     Below is an actual photo of my cultivator.


    When cultivating, the rear tires straddle two rows of the crop. Some of the cultivator tines should be between the two rows, and some should be to the outside of each row. The rows of asparagus are planted so far apart, that I have ALL of the tines between the rows. I am actually using the machine as a one-row cultivator. Those of you who have spent all your lives using better equipment than this, will wonder why I am willing to use such a primitive contraption. Those of you who have never farmed will be just as amazed with it as I am!


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