Stare Miasto (the Old Town)

    Every old city in Poland had a cluster of buildings around a market square. The remarkable thing about the one in Warsaw is that it was completely destroyed during World War II. What you are looking at is a restoration of the Old Town!
    As you enter the market square from the south, you can see the north end in the distance. All of these buildings and the ones on surrounding streets outside the square were reconstucted from the rubble left by the bombs. Photographs were used as a guide.
We'll look to the left first as we go around the marketplace, here you are looking west. The most interesting shops are located here, and in the next street parallel to, but behind these buildings.
Here, at the north end of the square, you can hire one of these carriages for a tour around the "Old Town".
If we now turn around and look south, you can see the green umbrellas and icecream chairs where we entered the square. Dziadek is ready to take us wherever we want to go.

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Looking at the east side of the square, there is an art exhibit going on. Just behind these buildings is a downhill slope to the Vistula River.
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