The Dunajec River

The name of the river is pronounced "doo NAH yetts". The rafts are made up of long boxes lashed together, so that they can be disassembled at the end of the trip, and trucked back up river to the start point. You are looking at two of the rafts ahead of us, and the mountains we will be passing through.
This was the last raft in line, the one behind us.
Our "gondoliers" anchored in a quiet cove, surrounded by steep walls. They tied the rafts together and entertained us with Polish folk songs.

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The acoustics in the canyon were fantastic! The walls echoed with song! Only one of us had a tiny little tape recorder. Unfortunately it wasn't me.
The song playing here on this page is "Goralu czy cie nie zal". I do believe that is what this man was singing when I took this picture!
The scenery was breathtaking!
The Goral is a mountaineer (or, I like to translate it as "Hillbilly") These people somehow eked out a living in the hills of southern Poland. Nowadays they entertain the tourists, especially the skiers!
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