Proverbs and Sayings

If you don't see the "special" Polish letters, take a look HERE.
"Time flies"

"Czas ucieka"

Where did the time go?
    Thomas Jefferson was RIGHT! Some truths are just "self-evident". No matter what language you speak, someone has already made up a saying or a proverb to express all of the simple "truisms". Sometimes, as in the illustration above, they literally match, "word for word". The FUN comes in when the words are different, but the MEANING is the same!

"I need that like a hole in the head!"

"Potrzebny jak dziura w moście"
    The Polish version means
"As necessary as a hole in the bridge"!

It's the DRINK talking "In vino veritas"
Latin: "In wine there is truth"

"Co po trzeźwemu myśli, to po pijanemu powie"
"What one thinks when sober, one says when drunk"

One more:

"You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours."

"Ręka rękę myje, noga Nogę wspiera."
"Hand washes hand, leg supports leg."

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