Patrick's John Deeres


Patrick's John Deeres
Melita, Manitoba, Canada

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IHC 806  IHC 806   


IHC 806 tractor
motor stuck
no fenders

Price: email/call


Massey Super 95
runs great
tin is really really nice

Price $2750

   Massey 95  Massey 95

IHC 706  IHC 706   


IH 706 tractor
Wheatland model
runs great
nice tin

Price: Only $3250

John Deere 4000  John Deere 4000   


John Deere 4000
running, has 3pt
nice tires.

Price: email/call


IHC Wheatland 826
running and hard to find
20th one built

Price: email /call

   IHC 826  IHC 826

IHC 806  IHC 806    For Sale:
806 IHC Wheatland
BIG Rubber

Price: Only $3800

For Sale:

1456 IH tractor
nice running tractor
hard to find

Price: email /call

   IHC 1456  IHC 1456

John Deere Model AW  John Deere Model AW   


John Deere AW
runs good. Clam shell fenders. original Paint.

PRICE: $2500


John Deere 6030,1973 model
Open station, 3pt hitch, recent overhaul, great TIN, Big rubber.

Email for info and Price

   John Deere Model 6030  John Deere Model 6030

John Deere Model R  John Deere Model R    For Sale:
Model JD "R"
Big engine dry Stuck, Big rubber on rear 26in. Pony engine turns over. Very nice Tin.

PRICE: $2800


John Deere 830
Pup start runs great
has 3pt hitch

PRICE: $9000

   John Deere Model R  John Deere Model R

For Sale:
1953 Styled AR
water pump, some new parts. complete running tractor. nice tin.

Price: $2500

   John Deere Model AR  John Deere Model AR

John Deere Model AR  John Deere Model AR    For Sale:
1938 Unstyled AR
Shutters... Offset Rad... ser 256861... runs great, rebuilt mag, Manual start, Running video.

PRICE: $2750

John Deere 630  John Deere 630    1959 Model 630 JD... Wheatland model... runs great, with almost mint tin... tires great shape.

PRICE: $8500

For Sale:
1960 model 830 JD... electric start... runs but not great... very nice tin.

PRICE: $8200

   John Deere Model 830  John Deere Model 830

IHC 756 Wheatland.  IHC 756 Wheatland.    756 IHC tractor, Wheatland model, no cracks in tires, strong runner, nice tractor.

Price $7500 OBO


6030 John Deere
New big rubber, runs great, Low hours cast weights, very nice tin, Field ready, work order info.

Price: Call or email

   John Deere Model 6030  John Deere Model 6030

IH 856 Wheatland.  IH 856 Wheatland.    IH 856 Wheatland. dual pto and Hydraulics, nice tires.

Price $8500

John Deere AO,
runs great, Nice tin, Came from the west coast.

price $2500

   John Deere Model AO  John Deere Model AO


JD 630 gas standard, dual hydraulics, a nice running tractor, complete. Hard to find in this condition, call or email for price.

Call or email

   John Deere 630 Standard  John Deere 630 Standard

John Deere 4020  John Deere 4020   


John Deere 4020, New Big rubber 23.1x30s, Wheatland fenders.

Price $10500


Original 630 gas standard, perfect tin, runs great, Rare one to find.

Call or email

   John Deere 630 Standard  John Deere 630 Standard


John Deere BW, nice original one, running, flat back, 1951 model,

Price $2750

   John Deere BW  John Deere BW


1938 Unstyled John Deere Model G. New rear tires, rebuilt carb and mag, nice tractor.

Price $5900

   1938 Unstyled John Deere Model G  1938 Unstyled John Deere Model G

John Deere Model D  John Deere Model D   


1944 John Deere Model D, runs good, manual start, rebuilt carb, mag, pto.

Price $2750


1929 John Deere Model D rare side pto, rebuilt carb, mag, on cutoffs.

price $4000

   John Deere ModelD  John Deere Model D

John Deere Model D  John Deere Model D    1928 John Deere Model D, head redone, carb, mag, cutoffs.

price $3250

For sale: John Deere Model GM, complete, motor stuck, 1947 model.

Was asking $2000... SALE PRICE $1800

   John Deere Model GM  John Deere Model GM

These tractors are located in Melita, Manitoba, Canada. We can arrange shipping to most locations.   If you are interested, or want to make an offer, or if you want more information, please email Patrick at, or call at 204-665-2461

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