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     Hi, I'm Meli..... I have been on the staff here at for quite some time now. You probably found yourself on this page because you like the music that plays on the tractor page. What you are actually listening to are synthesized "midi" music files that have no lyrics or music notes.
Look inside this title
Bluegrass Songbook - sheet music at
Bluegrass Songbook
    HOWEVER, if you play an instrument and you are looking for sheetmusic for ANY of the songs you heard, you have come to the right place!! We are affiliated with If you like the song that is playing right now - "Wildwood Flower" - You can find the music, lyrics, and guitar chords in the "BLUEGRASS SONGBOOK". You can buy a copy right here, RIGHT NOW, just by clicking on the book.

    In fact, you can find the sheetmusic for ANY song, just by using this search box. Select the appropriate search category from the pull-down menu, enter your search words, then click on the "Go!" button. You will be taken to a page listing products that match your search words. You can click on the name or title of any product to see a detail page with more information.

Oh, by the way...
This thing is the control panel for the MIDI player.
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