Walk-in Closets

  It's awfully difficult to take a good picture of the inside of a walk-in closet. You can't get far enough away. Gene built these units in sets of three sections each. They were completely finished in the shop, then brought in and assembled in the closets. The sections had to come in through the window you see in the left picture. Removing the sash was the easy part. The hard part was: these closets are on the second floor of the house!!

Gene built thesae from scratch YOU can have cabinets like this TOO YOU can have cabinets like this TOO

  In the left picture (above), you are standing in the hallway looking at the wardrode section of "her" closet. We delivered through that window at the far end. In the right picture you are standing by the window, looking past "her" dresser unit, and looking across the hallway into "his" closet. We couldn't bring the big units in through the hallway because we couldn't turn the corner.

YOU can havecabinets like this TOO YOU can havecabinets like this TOO

  Standing in the hallway and looking into "his" closet, you can see the wardrobe on the left and the dresser on the right. All of these pieces had to come across the hall from the other closet where they were brought in. Before anything was installed, there was no place to stand.

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