The Museum of Russian Icons

    In the Eastern Orthodox Christian religions, an image, statue, painting, or mosaic of a sacred person is referred to as an "icon". One of the most represented "icons" of any Christian religion is the Madonna and Child. Here is an example of a Russian version. In the western Christian religions, She is called "The Madonna" or "Mary". In Russia, She is referred to as "Mother of God".

    The Museum of Russian Icons was founded as a non-profit educational museum by Gordon Lankton, an avid collector of Russian icons. Mr. Lankton owns about 260 Russian icons, the largest such collection in North America and one of the largest outside of Russia, most of which are on display to the public for the first time in the new museum. His collection spans six centuries, and includes important historical icons dating from the earliest periods of icon painting up to the present.

    To learn more about Russian Icons, visit HERE, or better still, please come and see ALL of them for yourself at:

The Museum of Russian Icons
203 Union Street
Clinton, Massachusetts 01510

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