A Kitchen on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

  Gene was a fabricator and an installer on this job. In addition to building several of the pieces, he did the "upfitting". before delivery. That means installing all of the hardware, hanging the doors on their hinges, installing the drawers on their slides and installing other miscellaneous rollouts and built-ins.. Gene also did the entire "trial assembly" of the kitchen in the shop. Please scroll down to see more....

YOU can have cabinetry like this TOO
Here, all of the cabinets are installed. Our work is done.

  In addition to helping with the kitchen cabinet installation, Gene built the AV unit (next to the fireplace). He also built and installed the center island, the pantry cabinet "innards" next to the fridge, and the fireplace "surround".

On the left, still in the rough, and on the right, the finished "kitchen end" of the room.

Left, the unfinished "fireplace end" of the room, on the right, all DONE.

See the Exterior of the house
See the Pantry
See the Rec Room

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