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The Art of the John Deere Tractor Get the BOOK!! But, please call me Meli...
    We recently received a brand new book entitled "The Art of the JOHN DEERE Tractor". This one is really DIFFERENT. Instead of photographing the tractors in their "natural habitat", Lee Klancher took the pictures in a studio. And WHAT did he photograph? The Keller John Deere tractor collection in Brillion, Wisconsin! You have probably seen examples of the Keller tractors in many other tractor books. Well, here are 30 of the best of them, photographed on a seamless white background with no distractions like buildings, crops or farm animals. Not only are the John Deere tractors works of art themselves, the PHOTOS are too.
Image from The Art of the John Deere Tractor - used with permission     Instead of transporting the tractors to a studio to shoot them, Lee and his crew actually built a studio on the Keller's property. See how it was done, HERE. This is the very same book that Lee Klancher, himself, wrote a two page article about in the May/June issue of Two Cylinder. You really have to see his photography!!
    Each series of tractor photos is accompanied by a description and the history of the model depicted.

Image from The Art of the John Deere Tractor - used with permission    These pictures from the book, show the very first John Deere Model B tractor (Serial number 1001) that was sold to the public.
    "The hood's leaping deer logo was used only on a very few early Model B's, and the earliest B's had the gas tank filler in the center of the tank underneath the steering shaft.
    More than 300,000 Model B's were built between 1935 and 1952. This example is the first production model."

    You need to get TWO copies of this book, one for yourself and one to give as a gift to your favorite John Deere collector. You can buy the book from Amazon right through our BOOKSTORE.

The images and quoted text on this page are from the book
"The Art of the John Deere Tractor" and are used
with permission from the Quayside Publishing Group.

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