This picture was taken from point C on the map, looking in the direction of E... click here
     You are standing on the breakwater looking back at Dallas Road. The sidewalk on the south side of the road is also the walkway along the top of the seawall above the beach. Beacon Hill Park is at the right. It is not apparent from the above picture, but the banks to the right, which are part of the park, are covered with wildflowers.

This picture was taken from near point B on the map, click here      You can walk along the beach at low tide and look across the strait, or you can walk along the path at the top of the hill.       
This picture was taken from near point F on the map, click here
     In some places you can walk on a path that is between the upper walkway and the beach. This is where the wildflowers are. These are sweetpeas.

This picture was taken from near point 4 on the map, click here  
    The park itself extends inland towards the city and it is an oasis of lily ponds, lawns, trees and flowers - including weeping willows and rose gardens. Ducks, geese, gulls, herons and other wildlife can be found everywhere.
    Beacon Hill Park also has the distinction of being the location of "Mile Zero" of the Trans-Canada Highway. It's ironic that the highway starts on an island and you have to take the ferry to use the REST of the road!

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