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Meli's Office

Welcome to my office!      Welcome to my office!!!! This is where I do all my lesson planning, answer my email, and write my HTML pages. I will also be handling "SPECIAL HELP" from here. If you have a serious question about Model B's or their accessories and you haven't found the answer anywhere else on the site, please don't hesitate to email. But please be patient. Any questions that are sent in will receive replies right from THIS computer!! In ADDITION, some of those replies might actually contain the ANSWERS to those questions!! Never fear; if I don't KNOW an answer and don't KNOW where to find it, I'll issue a plea for help from ANYBODY who will listen!!
     Your most interesting questions will appear on "Meli's Tip of the Week". Hopefully the answers will appear there WITH them!
     The following picture on the wall of my office is a poster for the No.52 Plows. I posed for this poster when John Deere was still selling two-bottom trailer plows. You can tell it's an old poster and an OLD picture of me because it is in black and white!!

A very OLD picture of me!

Office hours: Most weekday evenings from 5:00 to 10:00.
Weekends: Merely by CHANCE!
Always here for guidance and special help:

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