Click on ME to go to the SCHOOL!      Meli's Tractor School will sometimes present this award solely based on the imagination of the person applying for it!

Do YOU deserve this award??

     Some of the other "informal" additional criteria for acceptance into the HONOR ROLL are listed below. The more of these that apply, the BETTER your chances!!
  1. If the site is submitted by it's OWN proud owner.
  2. If the site is also nominated by one or more OTHER people.
  3. If the site is nicely done.
  4. If the site is VERY useful to tractor collectors.
  5. If I have already been repeatedly sending people to the site to have a FAQ answered.
  6. If the proud owner of the site BEGS.
  7. If I happen upon the site by myself, and I just LIKE it.
  8. If it's a JOHN DEERE site.
  9. If it's a John Deere MODEL B site!
  10. If the owner of the site has given ME an award!

     If you know of a site that meets these criteria, all you have to do is send me an email and if I have not yet seen the site I will check it out and put it on the "short list"!

My email address is HERE

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