Required Reading

BOOKS     It's quite possible you don't want to BUY any books; that's why you are looking on the NET in the FIRST place. There are no textbooks required for this course, but if you plan to become a Model B afficionado there are some that you are going to NEED!

    The following are the books that are available from the John Deere service publications office at 800-522-7448:
SM-2000 Tractors and Engines (General) Service Manual
PC-676 Model B Parts Catalog (1935 to 1938)
PC-330 Model B Parts Catalog (1939 to 1952)
SM-2004 Model "B" Tractor Service Manual
Dir.-313 Model B Operator's Manual (1935 to 1938)
OM-R2005 Model B Operator's Manual (1939 to 1946)
OM-R2006 Model B Operator's Manual (1947 to 1952)

    These next three are available on the Book Page:
How To Restore Your John Deere 2-Cylinder Tractor
John Deere Model B Restoration Guide
John Deere : Series A, B, G, H, Models D, M

"School Days"
Words by Will D. Cobb, music by Gus Edwards

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