Buyer BEWARE!! Hi Again,
    This email was sent to us by Jeff F. from Springfield, Massachusetts. He posted an ad to sell a tractor on our classified ads page. An attempt was made to scam him. He kept a record of all of the correspondance with the scammer and forwarded it to us. Being a "forward" it was all in reverse order when I got it, so I have changed it so that it reads in the order it all happened. I have also changed Jeff's personal info and email address. Jeff's interpretation of what happened is exactly the same as what we have been explaining to you; we just wanted to include ANOTHER fresh example. This is what jeff sent us.

And here is all of Jeff's correspondance with the scammer:

I think the scammer really BLEW this one. He probably runs dozens of these at a time and can't keep track of all of them. Evidently his instructions to Jeff on how to pay the shipper were only included in the envelope with the check, so the "scam" part of the operation didn't dawn on Jeff until the check finally came. And then, something or other had someone ELSE'S name on it. Fortunately for Jeff, this scammer was careless and STUPID!!

Don't forget, these emails can come from ANYBODY, claiming to be from ANY country...
    I'm sure they have many other schemes, so if you see ANYTHING fishy.. DON'T fall for it. If you think the scammer can't trick you into thinking he is paying by Paypal, read THIS one.

    And YOU... the scammer.... if you are reading this... yes YOU !!!    I'd like you to get in touch with ME because I have this great old bridge in Brooklyn that I can give you a real GOOD deal on.......


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