Buyer BEWARE!! Hi Everybody,
   It's hard to believe that they have come up with a scam where they can get money out of you if you are SELLING a tractor instead of BUYING one. What they do is, they express an interest in your ad, and they want to buy your item even though it seems they know very little about what you are selling. They send you a very good forged cashier's check or money order for considerably more than you are asking. It will initially clear your bank!! You are supposed to mail the difference in the amounts to their "shipper". You figure you have nothing to lose because you already have the money for your tractor and you still have the tractor until the shipper comes to get it. Then the check bounces, then you're left holding the bag.
   Here's what to look for. Gene placed an ad and got an offer from a scammer. It looks like this:

Notice that the email is usually written in poor English with very poor punctuation. In this case the scammer didn't even bother to fill in the name of the item in his own "form letter". So, Gene answered like this, purposely pasting in that sentence the same way, along with an absurd claim that Gene is the original owner:

   The next contact you get from them might already explain how THEY end up getting money from YOU... This is what this scammer replied...

See how it works? There IS NO shipper. The will never BE any shipper. Gene is supposed to send $2000 to the address that the scammer sends along with the check. After that, NOTHING happens; nobody comes; their check bounces, and Gene is out $2000.

These emails can come from ANYBODY, claiming to be from ANY country... Please look at another example of this. It this next example, in the scammer's second contact, he doesn't start explaining how he will get any money from you, but notice that he accepts Gene's information even though though Gene's length of ownership is preposterous... Take a look right here.
        I'm sure they have more than ONE scheme, so if you see ANYTHING fishy.. DON'T fall for it.

    And YOU... the scammer.... if you are reading this... yes YOU !!!    I'd like you to get in touch with ME because I have this great old bridge in Brooklyn that I can give you a real GOOD deal on.......


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